Palazzo Donna Titì

Tradition and Culture in a modern key

The project stems from the idea of creating a mix of tradition and local culture with modernity and modernity.
Nothing is left to chance. The restoration work has been meticulously carried out with respect for the place, bringing out every ancient architectural aspect. The notes of contemporaneity are given by some precious furnishing elements, totally made ad hoc, to bring out the Salento tradition and the colours of the surrounding space.

Unique pieces of modern antiques can be found inside the building, adding to its cultural value. Lamps, tapestries and occasional tables from the 1980s that, with small signs of wear and tear from the passage of time, come back into fashion while retaining their authenticity.

Even in the breakfast room, some antique objects can be found, also witnesses of the Salento tradition, such as the kitchen utensils that once belonged to the family and are now a tangible sign of the strong link with the past. Palazzo Donna Titì is dedicated to a sweet family history, hence the name. The wish is that in every corner of this place you will feel at home, welcomed by the energy and warmth that the history of these walls tell. So that it is not simply a place of passage, but, why not, also a place of return. And that, in addition to allowing you to take a break during your holidays in this wonderful land, it may infuse you with a pinch of the magic that gave life to Palazzo Donna Titì.
You will be welcome.

Sharing unique and timeless moments

The large breakfast room overlooks the small street in the historic centre. In the centre of the room you will find a long table ready to welcome you in a convivial atmosphere. This is why a single table was chosen, in virtue of a moment that was conceived not only as culinary, but also as social. So that your breakfast can offer you not only the typical delicacies of our land, but also an exchange of experiences, emotions and, why not, friendships. Even in this room you cannot fail to notice some objects that have made history, such as old kitchen utensils or the classic Salento 'panari', from the ancient peasant tradition. Everything is designed to take a leap into the past and then leap into the present.

Your corner of tranquillity in the centre of Nardò

As you wander through the rooms of the Palazzo, you will come across special corners, specially recreated to infuse you with peace and relaxation. Upon entering, you will immediately be greeted by the Living area, furnished with large, comfortable sofas, where you can carve out your own resting corner and enjoy intimate reading and chatting with friends. At any time you can take a break, finding refreshment in the colours that surround you, deliberately arranged to evoke inner well-being and thus complete the picture of a dreamlike atmosphere.

The fusion of architecture and history

Each room takes on the characteristics of a fundamental element of Salento tradition.

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Via Don Minzoni 11 Nardò (Lecce)